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lil_miss_cee_x [userpic]

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May 1st, 2006 (06:56 pm)

current location: Le bean bag
current mood: content
current song: one love - u2 and mary j blige


Okay so im hyper yay! 4 days to Westlife and counting :D:D:D:D I got the rest of my outfit today, not that i had much i only had the white strappy top lawl! I also managed to forget that i put my coffe from starbucks in the bag with my shoes (that wernt boxed)while i went into frazors and it spilled all over them and i didnt know till i got home so it was all over my nice new shoes =\

8 days left of school, ever :D I must admit i cant wait to get out but i dont wanna leave, im gonna miss it =(

I got my prom dress like months ago, actually in January lol! And i found out that while i was at a recording studio with music, Breige asked were i was coz she had a bone to pick with me and it turned out she has the same dress as me only in black! Iv been harping on about this dress since way before x-mas and she only got it 2 weeks ago!!! its my dress and iv got pics of it posted everywere!!! =(

Meh i love my dress its mine *huggs dress* =) anyway im out adios!!

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April 17th, 2006 (03:40 pm)

current mood: cranky

*looks around, waves then jumps up and down*

Hi :D

Im back, well i didnt go anywere, just havn't had the time to come on here latley. Did ya all miss me :P

Man looks like i missed so much, im not going to make any promises, but im going to try and catch up on what i can. I really dont have a lot of time the now either but i will try.

Man i really need to start studying properly. I do study just not the stuff i need to. I also have both my interviews this week and i do not have a clue about what i am going to do. i want to cry. Meh

So anyways, im gonna try and catch up on it all, so whats been happening anyway in the world that is lj?

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(no subject)

February 26th, 2006 (02:59 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: number one - skye sweetman

My internet works again! yay! i swear i thougth i was gonan die for the past week, not just was my corsework put on hold but my social life, i didnt realise how much i actually organised on msn :S is very werird. Also i missed everything with laura jen and kev.

School sucks so bad, i swear i want it to burn and i want it to burn now!!! I only have 2 weeks left of college :( i love that course as well, i so want to do it when im older, hence why i've applied to do it :) Oh i got another rejection from ucas. So thats three, aberdeen, dundee and strathclyde dont want me, oh well their loss :P

ooo look what i just noticed and is tres amused by it, the autosave thing at the top of the update page. hehe. anyway i better go and get ready, me and lolly pop are out to buy ralfie and then off to see Casanova...mmmm heath leadger...mmmmmmmmmm :P adios x x

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February 13th, 2006 (06:22 pm)
pissed off

current mood: pissed off
current song: sugar we're going down - fall out boy

wooo half term yay.....sucks dont it? You would think i would be happy to be off school. Well lemme see the fact that iv just had two weeks off means i have damn all to do, im stuck here with my bratty sister and it falls on Valentines day. I hate that day, its pointless, i always seem to be single on it and the only bloddy card i ever get is from my mum and dad, and that just makes me feel worse. *sigh*

On the upside i only have just about 3 months left of school EVER! :)

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February 7th, 2006 (05:07 pm)

current mood: flirty
current song: lala - ashlee simpson

Welp i failled re like totaly, mr huges came up when me and laura were eating lunch and asked how it went, smart arse remember all 13 of her quotes and did all her essays, me well i remembered a whole 6 quotes and 1 and a half essays. I wrote about 4 and a half pages on the death of christ, 3 and a half on social justice and it wasnt a good essay and a whole page and a half on the ressurection of christ, i wrote no quotes BUT i spelt ressurection right :) for those who dont know, i always spelt it resserection, as in erection and they all said it was my sick perverted mind, but im not sick and perverted *shifty eyes*.

So i washed my hair :P and as promised pics :P they are tres crappy and i look like i dont have a face due to the light but meh....

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lil_miss_cee_x [userpic]

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February 6th, 2006 (07:16 pm)

current mood: cheerful
current song: living for the weekend - hardfi

Welp hello little land of lj. Wow i havnt updated (properly in a while) so i think i beter make a start.

My exams finish tomorow, well the whole 2 of them :P And i know i failed both. Well mainley coz i hate rmps and my english teacher is a fool.

I cant wait to finish this shite school, technically i can leave when ever the hell i want but i need my highers to get into uni, not that im gettin in anyway. Oh yeah and aberdeen rejected me too. *meh*

I got my ipod nano :) yayayay! iv wanted one for ages so i got one :) so yay!

I also got my hair done but i hate it, i actually do hate it now. its horible, i'll show you all it when i get a pic.

Umm what else happend, oh yeah im getting xmas on sat :) my grans feeling better so she said we can all come up and get our prezzies and party, so that might mean i can get drunk :D:D:D yaya!

oh and the population of inverness is 50970 EXCLUDING the sheep! wish to discuss? hehe shia!

and weird enough im an singing and boping like the star :) yay


Ohhh how could i forget shia gave me a shiney gold star for saying, PPPPPPAAAAARRRRRTTTTTYYYYY!!!!

lil_miss_cee_x [userpic]


February 3rd, 2006 (04:59 pm)

current mood: angry

[begin ned rant] see th nex wee tube at cums oan msn an toks tae me lyke is a swear am gonnae swing fur em! Dae they no no at ye canny underston em wen ey tok lyke is, an enyway er only eliven an er no a proper ned yit, ey jist hink ey ur. Ey pyoor do ma nut in man, a swear a wanna murdur eh lot ae em! so see eh next wee ned at cums oan an toks tae me lyke is man a swear am gonna fukin blok eh lot ae yz an hit ye wae yr boto ae buki! {end ned rant]

And doent that feel so much better people

lil_miss_cee_x [userpic]


January 31st, 2006 (05:48 pm)

current mood: contemplative
current song: take me away - christina vidal

boredum quiz under the cut, because i love you all and dont want to make your friend page huge :)

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January 29th, 2006 (07:11 pm)

current mood: crushed
current song: firestarter - prodegy

Welp, english prelim tomorow, and im crapping it. I know the whole of 1 poem and 7 romeo and juliet quotes, i guess i got that figured. *rolls eyes*

So anyway, i got my first rejection, yeah apparantly im not good enough for the university of dundee *cough*. anyway i think im going to go to college instead *nods*

I just made dinner, yes i cooked! i can cook :) how great am i? lol :P

Denise wont talk to me and i dont know why, she hasnt spoke to me since december and she just walks by me with her head down, and i tried to talk to her on msn but she just ignored me. Her boyfriend whos a good friend of mine doesnt even know. Shes never done anything to me and iv got nothing against her so why does she refuse to talk to me? *shrugs*


i just found out about the dance at the end of feb, the themes moviestars and we have to dress up as a charater from a movie, who should i go as coz i have no clue.

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January 27th, 2006 (04:32 pm)

current mood: cold
current song: amazing - westlife

Stolen from elzawelza because im bored and cant think of what to write today, even though iv not updated all week :P

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