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the life of a munchkin

my random life

7 August
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I'm chez :D im 17 and im loud and im proud! hehe
i like most things a girl my age does :P like singing football (soccer) music ( mcfly dance pop son of dork ect)
shopping playboy bunnies :D and anythin thats pink and fluffy lol
oh im also like tiny haha i think iv just reached 5 foot :D

i love Tom from mcfly and i love everythin mcfly do :D oh and so does my lil baby girl laura infact she went to asda at half eight in the mornin of the day that the new mcfly album was released and demanded our copies then and there! yay! and she got me the exclusive album cover that there was only 1000 copies made of for the whole of brittain :D (oh god i sound teenie*headdesk*)

my friends wold describe me as : mad loud short funny exitable hyper pink trustworthy and always there for them ( i hopes anyway)

my ppl that i truly love are : serena pammy caz laura kirsty sarah jac denny madz lou (tink) natz oh and how could i forget my baby from the usa andi ( my slut baby and im her whore haha!)

i have a part time job (wait fot it) in a chip shop!!! its great i meet soo many cool ppl who randomly stop me in the street hahah! i wanna work in a primary school or a nursery (hopefully if i get in to uni)

so anyways if u wanan know more read my journal :D

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